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About Tejarat Chavosh Arian Company

Tejarat Chavosh Arian Company, now known as the Shahdoosh brand among its local and export customers, has been engaged in the production and trade of local and overseas products since 2015.

We specialize in producing and selling raw materials for the food industry, including receiving over 400 tons of raw milk and whey.

We actively participate in local and and foreign markets, including Iraq, Uzbekistan, Syria, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and more, in all areas of production, imports, and exports.

Along the multi-year strategy, Tejarat Chavosh Arian Company has developed long-term and short-term goals with the ability of its expert team to complete the portfolio of export products, and in this regard, participating in foreign and local exhibitions and identifying the needs of local and foreign customers is the most important actions of this company.

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With us, experience an unparalleled quality and memorable taste in our products that we bring to our customers.

Whole Milk Powder

Whey Powder

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With us, you can bring a unique experience of quality and memorable taste to your customers through your product production. We take pride in providing a complete and diverse basket of products to our valued customers in the country’s food industry.

Shahdoosh’s products are made from the best raw materials and carefully prepared raw milk from exemplary animal husbandries in the country. We prioritize quality and strict hygiene practices in our production lines, delivering high-quality and health-oriented products to the food industry in neighboring countries and our beloved country.

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