About Tejarat Chavosh Arian Company

Tejarat Chavosh Arian Company, currently recognized among domestic and international customers under the brand “Shahdoosh,” officially commenced its operations in the field of manufacturing and trading domestic and export products since 2015.

Our capability in the production and sale of raw materials for the food industry, receiving over 400 tons of raw milk and cheese whey daily, constitutes our competitive advantage.

This company plays an effective role in all aspects of production, import, and export, contributing significantly to capturing both domestic and foreign markets, including Iraq, Uzbekistan, Syria, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and more.

Tejarat Chavosh Arian Company, aligned with its multi-year strategic goals, has formulated long-term and short-term objectives with the expertise of its team of specialists to expand its portfolio of export products. In pursuit of this strategy, the company’s participation in domestic and international exhibitions and the identification of the needs of both domestic and international customers are among its most significant actions.

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